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Stuffed States USA

Washington State Stuffed Plush

Washington State Stuffed Plush

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Limited edition State Flag Theme!

Meet Washington: Tucked up there in the Pacific Northwest you’ll find the great state of Washington!  A beautiful place to live and visit. From the ocean to the mountains, we came and apple-picked this sweet Stuffed State just for you all! So grab a venti Starbies and your binocs for some prime Sasquatch hunting!  

Measures approximately 9" x 7" x 2"

Nickname: The Evergreen State

Statehood: 1889; 42nd state

Population: 7,656,200

Capital: Olympia

Biggest City: Seattle

Abbreviation: WA

State Bird: Goldfinch

State Flower: Coast Rhododendron

State Tree: Western Hemlock

Washington Stuffed Plush Doll,  Washington State, Stuffy, Plushies, Gift for Friends, Seattle Plush Doll

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