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Take Me Home!

Soft, squishy, adorable plushies made in the shape of your home state!

They're so excited you're here!

Adopt a State Today! They are in need of nice homes... Like yours!

Take Me Homeā€¦

Stuffed States make great gifts for all ages.

Hugging a Stuffed State can provide some, if not, all the following:

  • Brings a smile to one's face. (Oh, hi there!)
  • Evokes the Warm Fuzzies from Home. (Comin' in for the good stuff!)
  • Loving Where you Live. (There's No Place Like Home!)
  • Relieves Symptoms of Homesickness. (Yes, yup, uh-huh, I feel better now.)

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So many States, so little time! How can you possibly resist collecting them all?

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