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Stuffed States USA

Rhode Island State Stuffed Plush

Rhode Island State Stuffed Plush

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Take Me Home to the Ocean State of Rhode Island! Though it may be the smallest state in the USA, it boasts over 400 miles of beautiful coastline. And we love Rhode Island not only for its Johnnycakes but because they serve something yummy and delicious called “Stuffies”! Umm yeah, a no-brainer for us! We love Stuffed things!

Measures approximately 6" x 4" x 2"

Nickname: The Ocean State
Statehood: 1790; 13th state
Population: 1,057,125
Capital: Providence
Biggest City: Providence
Abbreviation: RI
State Bird: Rhode Island Red Chicken
State Flower: Violet
State Tree: Red Maple

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