Florida State Stuffed Plush


Florida Stuffed Plush – It’s the Sunshine State of Florida. This state boasts the longest coastline, coolest amusement parks, and the most golf courses in America! How does anyone ever go to work there?! Adopt a Stuffed State today!

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State Stuff

Nickname: The Sunshine State

Statehood: 1845; 27th state

Population: 21,480,000

Capital: Tallahassee

Biggest City: Jacksonville

Abbreviation: FL

State Bird: Mockingbird

State Flower: Orange Blossom

State Tree: Sabal Palm









TAKE ME HOME! – Cute plushies made in the shape of each US state. Each one has a friendly smile and a heart to share the love. Super collectible and educational to boot. Customers can collect them as they travel our beautiful country!

We love them because Stuffed States are that unique cross-over gift that satisfies so many gift ideas!

  • Take Me Home! – These little states are collectible. Grab one on your vacation! A memory to treasure! Perfect for resort and hotel shops, airport stores, museum stores, national and state park entrances, amusement parks and zoos, tourist kiosks.
  • Celebrate Me Home! – Great for locals and college students who want to show their state pride. Such a unique find at any brick-and-mortar gift shop and bookstore.
  • Cheer Me On! College bookstores, we customize your college colors for your state!
  • Carry Me On! Parents, it fits in your carry-on. Each state measures no more than 8 inches by 5 inches! Educational Grab and Go/ Impulse Gift for the traveling parent/ grandparent looking for that unique thing to take home to the kids. Shh, don’t tell! It’s a geography lesson disguised as a smiley new friend!
  • Send Me Home! – Buy one for that someone special who is far away. Makes super cute dorm décor! Tweens and Teens love them too!

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5 inches by 9 inches | Polyester fiber fill | Ages 3 and Up